Oriental Perfume

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Since olden days, Kuwaiti ships were trading through the Arabian Gulf harbors, navigating through Arabian Sea and reaching out to India and East Africa.They were dealing with all kind of goods, and perfumes were one of them, it was imported from India. Late Tola Company was one of the pioneers in the perfumes field opened the first shop in Arabian Gulf market in 1930.

At that time we imported the perfumes such as Oud, Rose, Amber, Sandal and all related kinds of oriental perfumes from India. We insisted on trusted deals and good business relationship with our customers and suppliers, which build up good reputation and set up a well-established firm for Tola Oriental Perfumes.

Tola Oriental Perfumes now has more than 50 shops in Arabian Gulf market. Also we extended our activities to cover North of Africa by 20 shops to reach in total 70 shops.

And now TOLA Oriental perfume Factory deals with producing, bottling and supplying the perfumes of various oriental brands to provide our customers the best quality lead them to approach ISO.