Construction Steel

Gulf Steelco Factory is supplying and installing wide range of sectional doors, high speed doors, and hygienic doors for the local customers and emerging to meet the demand of such doors to the forth coming projects such as hospitals, Shopping malls and fire stations in Kuwait. Gulf Steelco Factory is under taking fabrication and installation of steel buildings for the local customers and for military base. 24mtr x 30mtr X 6mtr height is one of such steel building built for the military base. We have also carried out Fabrication, installation and assembling Re Locatable Building, providing antistatic floors for the RLBs. Gulf Steelco Factory also manufacturing portable steel ramp for the loading bays. 10m long 0.9m to 1.5m rise in elevation from the ground and 9tons of load at maximum height of 1.5mtr. The ramp is operated by hydraulic power pack unit. Gulf Steelco Factory contributing its best to the rising demand for transportation equipment’s maintenance, mainly of chassis repair and building up new chassis for trailers, dump trucks, oil tankers as well as water

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